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Ho hum

I really wish this community had more members. Do people just not know the joy that is skydiving. I was looking forward to reading other peoples stories and adventures.

Passed my AFF

Last weekend was awesome! I finally passed my AFF. Now I just need to get my coach and solo jumps then it's on to my "A" license. It was such an awesome feeling to complete that jump and get the okay to move forward. I would be jumping this weekend but it does not appear the weather will cooperate. Next weekend for sure. I keep thinking after I get my license it will be time to take a vacation with someplace beautiful to jump.

Skydiving Movie

Any one interested in the new skydiving movie coming out? The acting looks horrible but the visuals will hopefully make up for it.
Human Flight 3D

Sunday Funday

Cross posted from my personal LJ:

This past Sunday I did my Category D1 jump. This means it was my first solo exit from the plane. I had a blast! Someone from the drop zone was nice enough to tape it for me. (Side note: Isn't it funny you'll still say "tape" when tapes haven't been used for years. Moving on...) Now I have this lovely video. I did flip on my back for a moment after exit, but I was able to right myself fairly quickly and get back to a "belly to earth" position. What you can't tell by the video is that the moment my chute opened I felt my back crack all the way up. It hurt for a moment but has corrected my posture, so I'll call that a win. :) Also I ended up with some bruises on my thighs from my leg straps. Oh well, I'm okay. I almost landed standing up but I just couldn't hold it. I'll keep trying. I'm just really happy that the whole thing it's starting to get cheaper per jump and the weather is getting better. So now I'll be able to jump more often.


Yesterday the weather was beautiful and I made it out the drop zone after a long 2 months off. I did my Cat C-2 jump and it went well. So next time it's Cat D. I'm getting closer to becoming licensed then the world is my drop zone. If I wasn't on call today for work I'd be out there again. Next weekend I'll try to get out there again. It felt so good to be up in the air again. They said I did really good considering I hadn't been out there in a while. I wish I had found this sport earlier, but I'm enjoying it so much now. My birthday is in May and I think I will order a jumpsuit for my birthday present to myself. Any recommendations?


It's been cold and the dropzone was closed this weekend. I would like to jump again soon, but I sure do wish I started getting my license when it was warmer.

Category C

I did my first Category C jump a couple of weeks ago, and I will try and do my second one this weekend. It will be getting cheaper from this point forward. Well as far as per jump costs, there is still all kinds of fun equipment to buy over time. My C-1 jump went well, I had a line twist and I remembered how to fix it. I think I handled my first malfunction quite well. I came very close to landing on my feet, and that will be my goal this weekend. It's a lot colder now, so hopefully I will be able to deal with that well too. I really wish more people would find this community, because I know there are some more skydivers out there, and I would enjoy hearing their stories as well.

The problem

It's a beautiful day, and I'm working on getting my license. One problem, I just don't have the money to go jump right now. Maybe next weekend. It's so hard in the beginning. Each jump is fairly expensive for someone who doesn't make lots of money. Once I get past the jump where I jump with instructors the price drops down quite a bit, I just need to get to that point. I will keep moving forward and next weekend I will try to get the next jump under my belt.


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